Adult SLP Resources


Karen Clark is kind enough to offer a website with few frills and lots of great (free) resources including ipad apps for adult therapy, adolescent therapy, and memory books.
I found this blog through a message board, and am so glad I did!

If I could pick one dysphagia resource, this would be it. This was first introduced to me in your dysphagia course in a link to the aspiration rating scale, and I have since spent a fair amount of time digging around. Recently, I went to the ASHA 2013 conference and attended a session regarding esophageal concerns and they also referred us to this site.
An ashasphere guest blogger and dysphagia expert provides great resources an narratives for those working with patients with dysphagia. Her comprehensive list of resources can be found here
Here are a list of swallow study videos available on YouTube. If you’ve ever tried to look some up yourself, you know that most of them are often less than helpful.
Thank you, University of Florida! Assessment tools and forms that are valid (and free). The worksheets provided are very easy to complete and see to be potentially really helpful for decision-making and report writing.
Very clear descriptions of swallowing exercises. I used this site to supplement my less-than-helpful dysphagia textbook during my first year of graduate school for an assignment.
This link allows you to explore all the WordPress blogs using the tag, dysphagia. Interesting to skim over, and maybe you’ll find a great link to send me :).

A nice overview of intervention and assessment strategies can be found here.
Find simulations and games here to familiarize yourself with the CAPE-V as well as some nice examples of how different voice pathologies may sound.

This blogger provides great therapy ideas, goals, and information for those working in the SNF setting. Really simple, really helpful.

Message Boards
This seems to be a pretty active, supportive community for the medical setting.
This dementia care blog is a treasure trove of information regarding dementia and dementia care. My favorite component is their monthly research summaries page.

Alzheimer’s disease caregiver questionnaire


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